Affiliate Tinder Vlog – Mini Ep. 1 – Brandon Myers SEO - April 10, 2018

In today's episode, I discuss my current professional situation and why I've decided to start sharing some of my SEO and Affiliate Marketing secrets.  One of the things I cover in today's episode is Aceable.  In doing this, I'm exposing a lot of professional pain.  I still feel quite vulnerable on account of my separation with a love relationship in Aceable. 

Even though it didn't end how I wanted it to, I still learned a lot from the company and love where the job took me with my living situation.  I still live in Austin and I've thrived here.  I cannot wait to share the techniques that I've learned at various companies along the way in an effort to make publishers and advertisers better at what they do!

Because of the abruptness of my situation, I've really been forced to come up with passive income strategies.  This has caused the launching of several sites outside of my normal consulting work.  Because these sites are mine, I can share what I'm doing with them.

I've been successful at building passive income for others, but have never had the time to build it for myself.  From the ground up, I'll be covering both the successful and disappointing digital marketing techniques behind the growth of ReviewAustin, LazyBets, and Review

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