Affiliate Tinder Vlog – Episode 2 – Constant Content and Social Media Strategy - April 11, 2018

Today's episode covers digital marketing fundamentals and how to create online traffic from scratch. 

Content is the focus on today's show.  Not only is constant content imperative to be noticed by google in the first place, but it also increases our trust as a publisher.  Our users get a better experience because of our efforts too. By posting new articles on a daily basis, we're not only developing a content pattern in ourselves, but we're also training our readers to come back for the promise of new materials. 

Social media can also help in the early stages of a website.  One of our sites, LazyBets has seen some incredible adoption numbers on Twitter.  Many do not know that Twitter provides its own analytics suite.  While there is a lot of noise on services like twitter, we are still able to measure our impressions and link clicks.  They aggregate this data all for us.  This makes social media a measurable way of expanding your presence.

We look at hashtag jacking and image call to actions in today's social media best practice session.

To conclude, I offer my thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg and his testimony in front of the United States Senate.  It's very clear to me that ethics will be a very important upcoming discussion and a vital part of our digital future.  

Enjoy the show.  Feel free to hit me with thoughts in the comments.  If you're an advertiser, make sure to check out Perforamnce Marketing Manager, the industry's #1 training platform.

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