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Affiliate Loveline

Phase two of Affiliate Tinder is underway, and this time I've got some help.  One of my goals this year is to be more interactive with the Affiliate Marketing learning community.  Affiliate Tinder is designed to be a how-to project manual for both advertisers and publishers in the affiliate marketing space.  It is also designed to be interactive with both an Affiliate Podcast and YouTube channel where questions can be conceptualized and answered. 

With that, we’d like to announce the beginning of a dream (or some’s nightmare). 

Channel/Podcast Name: Affiliate Loveline

What: A YouTube and PodCast where we cuss and discuss Affiliate Marketing Best Practices.  Odds are we'll give away a gem or two on how to make money online.

Who: Mike Rogers, Owner, RogersConcepts and Brandon Myers, Owner, ComSavvy, LLC

When: Every Wednesday starting April 4th, 2018

Now before you hit that red x on the upper right-hand side of your screen, I need you to read me out.  I’m bringing someone near and dear to my heart.  We don’t call it Affiliate Loveline for no reason.

Mike Rogers, owner of numerous successful publishing entities including AffiliateMarketerTraining will be co-anchoring us in our journey.  Mike is my best friend and dominates several niche publishing spaces.  We're pretty much brothers.  He’s been doing this for years.  If you’re already good at this, there’s a decent chance you use one of the techniques he invented.

Built from the ground up, Mike has experienced no shortage of adversity in becoming a Top 10 SEO exclusive based publisher. 

Our first episode will likely be a mess.   We hope you will tune in.  It plans to cover our histories and how we got into this space.  We hope that our stories will give you some hope.  We started where a lot of you are sitting right now.

The Show will run roughly 45-60 minutes and plans to cover the following each week:

SEO News Commentary – Mike and Brandon tackle questions around search engine optimization and what you’re doing with your content strategy.  Mike Rogers is considered one of the best SEO tacticians in affiliate marketing today.

Affiliate News Commentary – Mike and Brandon provide insider insights on affiliate marketing and goings-on with Google, Facebook, and others. 

Advertiser Placement of the Week: Mike and Brandon select, and Advertiser Placement of the week based on a variety of criteria.

Publisher of the Week – Mike and Brandon select a publisher of the week and will provide a backlink to them on the episode and Affiliatetinder website!

Also Featured:

Affiliate Publisher/Advertiser Q&A – Mike and Brandon tackle questions from publishers and advertisers around affiliate marketing techniques.  Questions can also be submitted to:

Affiliate Tinder Segment – Mike and Brandon will review websites and traffic and suggest the best possible and highest converting advertiser offers that fit you as well as where to find them.

Stay tuned for more news on where to find the podcast!  Again, questions can be submitted to  Please be as specific as possible!  Looking forward to interacting with y’all!

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