About Brandon


Brandon Myers

    • Former Affiliate Director - Aceable.com, Driversed.com, IDriversafely.com, Billfixers.com

    • University of San Diego Class of 2010 - Communications (Rhetorical Theory)

    • Over 20m generated with over 250,000 transactions in 4 years.
    • Business Owner, Writer, Speaker, Consultant, Advertiser, Publisher.

Brandon Myers is the former Affiliate Director for Aceable, Inc, IDriveSafely.com, and DriversEd.com.  Over five years in the affiliate marketing industry, Myers has had a hand in over 300,000 transactions totally over $20m in gross sales.  He has grown three affiliate marketing programs from scratch and achieved majority market share in some of the largest states in the US.   He now operates his own publishing sites in the CryptoCurrency, Travel, and Consumer Goods spaces.  He is also the sole operator, proprietor, and writer for Affiliate Tinder.

Due to geographic restrictions imposed by the “state’s rights” nature of driver’s education, Myers is known for his abilities to succeed within restricted areas.   Some of his other specialties include but are not limited to:

  • Tracking and Analytics Platforms
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Postback Technology
  • Omni-channel attribution
  • Geo-targeting
  • Digital Rhetorical Theory
  • Conversion Testing
  • Phycology of Colors
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO

In reference to particular brands, he has achieved specialty with affiliate powers Cake, LeadDyno, ShareASale, CJ, Impact Radius, Pepperjam, and Rakuten Linkshare.

Myers is 29 years of age.  He was educated at the University of San Diego where many of his classes were under 10 students.  He studied Communications with an influence in Rhetorical Theory.  He also studied Political Science to a lesser extent.  Larry Williamson is largely credited with educating Myers on the philosophies and thought processes behind his digital strategies.  

With four years of experience in B2B sales, Myers is fluent and comfortable in cold calling over the phone and in person.  His lead generation specialties quickly translated to the digital world when he entered affiliate marketing.  Consultative sales, alternative choice, and cross selling are cornerstone’s of his playbook.

After two years crafting affiliate strategies at EDriving, Myers moved to Aceable, Inc, a provider that took Online education into 3D.  There he met Craig Barrett, who hired him and provided the tutelage  needed to become a top name in the affiliate space.  Top performance marketing names like Barrett, Shawn Collins, Mike Rogers, and others have helped Myers to where he is today.  Since moving to Aceable, Myers has spoken at three affiliate summits.  Acclaim has stemmed from his open and transparent nature around industry best practices.

Myers is the oldest in a family of five.  He is originally from Laguna Niguel, California and currently resides in the affiliate hotbed of Austin, Texas.  He has one brother and one sister, both of which are highly successful in the technology space.

Contact Brandon directly with questions or opportunities at btmaffiliate@gmail.com.