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    Affiliate Facts

    Percent of Affiliate Revenue Driven By Top 5% Partners
    Pop Up's Expected to Be Blocked By Chrome
    Overall Publisher Revenue Generated Through Affiliate Efforts
    Increase in Overall Affiliate Budgets Expected by 2020

    Who is Brandon Myers?


    Brandon Myers is considered an Affiliate Marketing thought leader.  He specializes in generating traffic, leads, and sales online.  Myers has over five years of affiliate experience as a direct advertiser. He is known in the industry for his work with the top SEO niche affiliate publisher in the world.  

    Myers has a background in rhetorical theory.  His studies make him a unique influencer in digital theory.  He specializes in web conversion, call to action, and purchase funnel techniques. 

    Myers has captured over 250,000 transactions with over 20m in revenue generated.  He's spoken at three affiliate summits.  His programs have been the subject of University Studies.  He has been published in several well known affiliate publications. He's just 29 years old.

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